Jigger, 11' Workboat/Tender/Tug

Almost the smallest possible inboard powerboat with real capability, Jigger was designed as tender to a 38’ liveaboard ketch. The first boat built has towed far larger vessels, played tender to motherships on the Shipyard Raid, and salvaged logs in the Flattop Islands. She is beautiful as well as tough, and fast with only 13 HP. A more adventurous and versatile tiny boat would be hard to find. 

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Small Boats News

2015 - 2001

2015/02/17: New, some nice photos of a recently completed Berrypoint 26.

2015/01/12: Barefoot 5.8, Barefoot Wooden Boats' entry in the upcoming 750 mile-long and strictly sail and oar powered Race to Alaska is now under construction and seeking sponsors. Read more at Barefoot Wooden Boats.

2015/01/12: There are some nice construction updates over the winter at Benjamin Lester's blog about building a Ratty, a 20' lapstrake cat ketch.

2014/11/05: Two new custom designs: 31' Wedge Point & an all new top secret Barefoot Wooden Boats' entry in the upcoming Race to Alaska.

2014/03/29: Design Update: Northcoast Double-ender 18 webpage replaces and amalgamates the Northcoast 18 and Double-ender 18 pages to reflect the latest plans.

2014/03/05: New Design: 28' Sail Assisted Outboard Cruiser. About the most basic possible liveaboard coastwise cruiser for two people. The cabin is full width and 13’3” long. The raised deck sides are intended to be full length plexiglass.

2013/12/18: New Design: 15’ inboard diesel launch for UK builder. Based on our successful Seka (13’6”) design, this new launch is to be strip-planked as a semi-production project by J and J Gloucester of the UK.

2013/12/01: New Design: Nu-Wa 20. A tiny schooner rigged junk for day cruising and occasional overnights on Lake Geneva. Plywood construction. The cabin is filled with windows and her double doors open the interior to the covered cockpit that seats four. Large double berth forward, a small galley area, and private head space.

2013/11/30: New views of the classic launch Wedge Point 27.

2013/11/14: Upcoming: Tilikum 25's big sister, Tilikum 32 included in a postscript on barge yachts in "Under the Cabin Lamp", a collection of early 20th century English cruising yarns by Alker Tripp. Out February 2014 from Lodestar Books.

2013/11/01: What's New: On the board, a custom 20' Chinese junk for Lac Leman; currently under construction, a modified Tokara lapstrake runabout at the Great Lakes Building School; and an upcoming design review of the Pogy 17 motorsailer for Small Craft Advisor.

2013/09/27: New Design: Regan 18, another custom version of the DE 18, this one with a new transom and inboard diesel for an Australian boatbuilder. Also new, updated plans description of the Shanty 20, versions A and B. And, in the over 30' power section, photos from this summer of the Wedge Point 27's "big sisters", Yellow Cedar 38 and Memory 38.

2013/08/28: Latest press. The new pilot house version of Harry 2, 30' LOD sailing scow, has been featured at Shanty Boat Living and Viva V is in WoodenBoat's summer 2013 MotorBoats magazine launchings anthology.

2013/08/27: New models for Bear Bay 23, a lapstrake plywood motorsailer close to the minimum size to take 2 people north for a month or two of summer cruising.  A very capable boat that can also be trailered with 295 sq.ft. of sail area, a 9HP inboard diesel or 4-8HP outboard in well, 6’1” headroom in pilothouse, and a 6’6” pram with 3’6” beam carried in davits.

2013/06/15: New design Tanu 24, a small full-displacement boat with some accommodations for two people, including a separate head compartment. Forward vee-berth can be a large double, there is space for a small galley and dining for two at a table with convertible helm seat. The aft cockpit is 8’6” long and full beam, room for chairs and an outside table. Aluminum plate over transverse web frames with longitudinal stringers.

2013/05/23: Updates for Shanty 20 version B, 20' trailerable outboard shanty boat.

2013/05/23: Custom updates for Northcoast 26 with Flying Bridge underway, model to follow.

2013/01/02: New Pilot House version of Harry 2, 30' LOD sailing scow.

2013/01/02: Just getting started, a new construction blog on building Ratty, 20' lug-rigged cat ketch.

2012/10/: A nice article about Ironbark at batmagasinet.no.

2012/10/12, New Models: Oak 18 Inshore Fisherman and Berry Point 20 outboard cruiser.

2012/09/: Nomad's flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/nomadboatbuilding/ set Nomad 16 Finished. Best Pocket Cruiser in Show, Victoria Classic Boat Festival September 2012; and a blog post on sea trials.

2012/08/: Nomad 16 is at the Victoria Classic Boat Festival this Labour Day weekend. I'll be speaking at the Victoria Classic Boat Festival Trade Show on "Vessel Stability", Saturday, Sept. 1st. The talks will be at Ships Point, in a tent at the end of the dock. The event is hosted by Abernethy and Gaudin. When I know what time I'm speaking, I'll post it. Hope to see you at the talks!

New Design: Northcoast 26. Double-ended Wooden Cruiser, Schooner Rig or Flying Bridge Versions. Strip plank construction. Accommodation includes bunks for three and a tiny private head compartment. The small galley has space for a proper cast-iron wood range or the Bristol Dickenson diesel range.

2012/07/07 Update, New Design: Wedge Point 27. Model underway, new views. Sail-assisted, semi-displacement, trailerable classic coastal cruising launch. A smaller, lighter, faster, sail-assisted Yellow Cedar 38. Plywood planking over wide spaced plywood bulkheads.

2012/07/07 Construction Update: Out of the shop and looking great. More new photos of Nomad 16 at Nomad Boatbuilding, Victoria, BC. Mark Reuten builder.

Just Launched: The first Ironbark has been launched in Norway and looks absolutely fabulous. Her hull was built by Arild Gundersen of Eydehavn to a very high standard. She was then completed (deck, superstructure, interior) by Eikeli Boatbuilders in Fevik, Grimstad city. She will be on exhibit at the Risor Wooden Boat Festival later this summer.

New Design: 30' Wolf Island Schooner. This little schooner uses the fastest build method I know of. A standup head and galley, a double berth and two singles, and a large cockpit is a lot to get in a 30’ boat. This little cruiser will take a small family anywhere (including offshore). In with the big boats.

New Design Updated:Garden Bay 23. With the arrangement drawing and some thoughts and data on small sails for small power boats. A small full displacement, easily trailerable motor boat with a sailing option and accommodation for 5 overnight was the criteria for this little cruiser.

New Design: Big Alder 24' Simple Flat-bottomed Workboat A good choice for harbour work boat, island tender, simple towboat, or economical sport fisherman.

Design Update: Original Harry Plans are available again; sprit sail, gaff, and junk rig options

New Review at Boat Bits blog of the Future Cruiser Series, 28', 38', and 44'. Affordable bluewater cruisers. Construction is simple, beam moderate, displacement moderate, draft minimized with lifting ballast keels, rigs unstayed, and systems basic.

New Design: Fidler 19, Gillnetter-style Displacement Cruiser. With styling and arrangement closely based on BC gillnetters of the 1920-30’s, the Fidler 19 is a minimum BC Coastal displacement cruiser. Red Cedar strips over taped in plywood bulkheads.

New: Boatbuilding Books Recommended By Tad Roberts. List of 20-odd boatbuilding books covering modern and traditional wooden construction as well as aluminum, steel and fibreglass.

An interview with me, "A Quick Chat with Tad Roberts" is up at boatbits.blogspot.com/ncr, 2012/02/27. And Jigger is boat of the week, from Feb. 28, at boats.woodenboat.com.

Design Update: Pearson 28 Troller. New version to 31' for commercial trolling in Alaska. Aluminum.

Updates: Revised Sketch of the Future Cruiser 28 with New Comments and Future Cruiser 38

New Design: 20' Shanty Boat, Two Arrangements. Affordable independence.

Design Update: Big Saturnina 25. Final sailplan and arrangement.

Recent preliminary: 30' Halibut Ketch. Traditional small steel motorsailer. Like the Johnson 30, on the edge of being a small boat. In the Sail 30' and Over section with the similar design, 36' Halibut Ketch.

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