Barefoot 5.8 Racing Sail and Oar Boat

  • Vessel Specifications and Comments

    • LOA: 19' 0"
    • LWL: 19' 0"
    • Beam: 6' 5"
    • Draft: 6" (hull)
    • Displacement: Bare hull weight = 500 lbs, 1200 lbs loaded
    • Sail Area: Total 332 sq.ft.
    • Jib 110 sq.ft.
    • Main 182 sq.ft.
    • Mizzen 40sq.ft.
    • Comments: Designed for Barefoot Wooden Boats to compete in the 750 mile-long and strictly sail and oar Race to Alaska. Contact:

About the Builders - Barefoot Wooden Boats

Barefoot Wooden Boats is a team of talented boatbuilders who specialize in small boat construction and restoration. For more information, please contact:

Quill Goldman
tel: 1+ 250.247.9646
web site:
2925 North Road
Gabriola Island British Columbia
V0R 1X7 Canada

Designer's Comments

Designed to win the 2015 Race to Alaska (R2ak), sailing 24 hrs a day with a three man crew. She is built using the Barefoot hybrid system of sheathed plywood bottom with topsides of lapstrake cedar planks. The interior is completely open with a flat cockpit sole set 3 inches above the loaded waterline. This will offer tremendous flexibility during use, for sailing, camping out, and sleeping at anchor or under way. We hope the boat will have a long life after this first race. Her transom is open to make drainage of the interior simple. Appendages are twin asymmetric bilge-boards and twin outboard lifting/kick-up rudders in cassette mounts. Twin sliding-seat rowing stations with 11 foot lightweight oars will move the boat through calms.    

Tad Roberts