Pocket Cruiser 16

Based on the 16’ Chugger built in Vancouver by Hamish Davidson in the 1970’s. Capable of protected water coastal cruising. Speeds 5-6 knots with immense range on very little fuel. Powered with a 13 HP Beta diesel. Maximum displacement, 2000 pounds. Designed for cold-molded, sheathed-strip, or foam-cored fiberglass construction. Construction is of moderate difficulty, for the more experienced amateur builder and depending on the choice of building material.

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Links & Other Small Boat Resources

  • Boatbuilders

    • Barefoot Wooden Boats

      Builders of Barefoot5.8, a sail and oar race boat, Ratty, a 20' cat-ketch, and 6 Pogies, 12' sailing dinghies. Commissioned the Electric Launch 15, Barefoot 175 Raider, and the 18.25 Runabout. Currently (2015) seeking sponsors for the Barefoot 5.8, now under construction as their entry in the upcoming 750 mile-long, strictly sail and oar Race-to-Alaska.
      Location:Gabriola Island, BC

    • Bartender Boats

      Commissioned and plan source for the Timbercoast Toller 22--builder of aluminum Timbercoast 22 trollers. Bellingham, Wash.

    • Crusader Boats

      Builders of the Stahl 29. Florida.

    • Eikeli Wooden Boatbuilders

      High-quality wood and fiberglass construction. Builders of the Ironbark 28. Fevik, Grimstad city, Norway.

    • Hunter Bay Woodworking

      Traditional wooden boats and fine wood working. Lopez Island, Washington, USA (co-builders of Tern)

    • Nomad Boatbuilding

      Builders of the Nomad 16. Victoria, BC, Canada

    • John's Bay Boat

      Traditional plank-on-frame lobsteryachts, John's Bay 32, 39, 40. Maine, USA

    • Custom Woodworking. Brisbane, Australia

      Builders of the Regan 18. Custom Wooden Boatbuilding. Brisbane, Australia.

    • Abernethy and Gaudin Boatbuilders

      Wooden new construction as well as restorations and custom interiors. Traditional 30 tonne ways. Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, Canada

    • Mark Wallace Shipwright

      Mark Wallace Shipwright. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

    • Tony Grove

      Traditional wooden boats and fine wood working. Former Head Instructor at the Silva Bay Shipyard School. Gabriola Island, BC, Canada

    • Hilmark Boats

      Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

    • Jespersen Boat Works

      Sidney, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

    • Covey Island Boatworks

      Nova Scotia, Canada

  • Other Small Boat Designs

  • Rigs and Rigging, One Lungers

    • Mainstay/YachtTech

      Sidney, BC. Mainstay/YachtTech. Custom fabrication of sailboat masts and booms as well as lifting spars and davits for power boats.

    • Achinback Foundry

      Victoria, BC. Achinback Industries and Foundry Ltd. provides custom foundry services in aluminum, brass, and bronze metals

    • Classic Marine

      UK. Supplies and makes equipment for traditional and classic yachts around the world, bronze, stainless or galvanised steel.

    • Victoria Propellor

      Nanaimo, BC. Marine Propeller Specialists

    • Barkley Sound Oar

      BC. All our oars and paddles are made of Sitka Spruce.

    • Old Marine Engine

      A resource for antique inboard engine enthusiasts

    • Smokstak

      Antique Marine Engines and Outboard Motors

  • Favourite Books

    • How to Build a Wooden Boat

      David C. "Bud" McIntosh

    • Building Classic Small Craft

      John Gardner

    • Lofting

      Allan H. Vaitses

    • Elements of Yacht Design

      Norman L. Skene

    • Boats With an Open Mind

      Phil Bolger

    • 103 Sailing Rigs

      Phil Bolger

    • The Rigging Handbook

      Brion Toss

  • Boatbuilding Books Recommended By Tad Roberts

    • Modern Wooden Boatbuilding

      • Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction

        Gougeon Brothers Inc.

      • Modern Wooden Yacht Construction

        John Guzzwell

      • Clinker Plywood Boatbuilding Manual

        Iain Oughtred

      • Cold-Moulded and Strip-Planked Wood Boatbuilding

        Ian Nicolson

      • The Laminated Wood Boatbuilder

        Hub Miller

      • Devlin’s Boat Building

        Samuel Devlin

      • The New Cold-Molded Boatbuilding

        Reuel Parker

    • Wooden Boatbuilding All Methods

      • Boatbuilding Manual

        Robert M. Steward

      • Boatbuilding

        Howard Chapelle

      • Building Small Boats

        Greg Rossel

      • How to Build a Wooden Boat

        Bud McIntosh

      • Modern Boat Building

        Edwin Monk

      • Wooden Ship-Building

        Charles Desmond (1919)

    • Steel Boatbuilding

      • Steel Boat Building (Vol 1 and 2)

        Thomas E. Colvin

      • Steel Away

        LeCain Smith and Sheila Moir

      • Small Steel Craft

        Ian Nicolson

      • How to Build a Better Steel Boat

        Brent Swain

    • Aluminum Boatbuilding

      • Boatbuilding in Aluminium Alloy

        Ernest H. Sims

    • Fiberglass Construction

      • Fiber Glass Boats

        John Roberts

      • Fiberglass Boat Design and Construction

        Robert J. Scott

      • Fiberglass Boats

        Hugo Du Plessis

Tad Roberts