Little Tilikum, 25' Thames Barge

  • Vessel Specifications and Comments

    • Construction: is sheathed-strip planking over plywood bulkheads, full size plots for bulkheads, transom, and stem provided.
    • LOD: 25' 0"
    • LWL: 23’9”
    • Beam: 8' 0"
    • Draft: 15" B/U,  4’ 0” centerboard down
    • Displacement: 7000 lbs
    • Ballast: = 2400 lbs
    • Sail Area: 322 sq.ft.
    • General Comments: A smaller version of my 2001 design Tilikum (32’).   A trailerable centerboarder, her design was heavily influenced by the work of Phil Bolger.

Designer's Comments

Both Harry and Tilikum were, to some extent, heavily influenced by Thames Barges.  Both are flat bottomed boats intended to go dry with the tide, neither is intended for maximum speed, but both have long waterlines to reduce wavemaking.  The new trailerable versions of each boat, called respectively Harry II and Little Tilikum, are of moderate beam.  This means a form with less initial stability, but both are outside ballasted boats with high sides and centerline deck openings.  Neither of these boats will flood until well past 90 degrees of heel.  This sort of safety is required for open water sailing in shallow draft boats.

  Both these boats are modest cruisers, fully able to undertake a coastal cruise in Florida, the Carolinas, British Columbia, the great rivers of Europe or Asia, or the Great Lakes.  They can always find shelter due to very shoal draft, and turn up anchored on mudflats in the smallest creeks.  They are intended to provide maximum pleasure and ability, for the smallest investment.    

Tad Roberts