John's Bay Boat Lobsteryacht 39

  • John's Bay Boat 39 Specifications

    • LOA: 39' 0"
    • LOD:
    • LWL: 37' 10"
    • Beam: 12' 8"
    • Draft: 4' 1"
    • Displacement: lbs
    • Ballast: lbs
    • Speed: 22 knots
    • Power: Cummins 400 Horse Power
    • Construction: traditional plank-on-frame lobsterboat
    • General Comments: John's Bay Boat Lobsteryacht 39, Flyingbridge version.

About the Builders - John's Bay Boat Co.

John's Bay Boat Company is a small, traditional boatshop located in mid-coast Maine. They build custom plank on frame boats for work or pleasure up to 50' in length.

Peter H. Kass
tel: 207-644-8261
web site:
P.O. Box 58
South Bristol ME
04568 USA

Designer's Comments

Our usual method of working together is to start with a model that Pete has built. We modify that hull to fit the new requirements, changing depth, freeboard, station spacing, etc. To the modified hull, I then add the deckhouse and interior arrangement and work out powering, tanks, and analyze the weights and balance of the boat.

As a designer, working with high quality custom builders such as Pete is always rewarding. Together, we can work through compromises, and I always have complete confidence in the outcome.

Tad Roberts