Auxillary Sails Added to Ocean 55

55' steel fuel-efficient sail-assisted ocean-going motor yacht. Fuel tankage of 1700 usg will allow a cruising range approaching 5000 miles at 7 knots. The 2006 commission was updated recently with a 833 sq ft ketch sailing rig to provide added fuel savings, increased range, and roll stabilization without the underwater drag of fins or paravanes. The sails are individually small and easily handled, and the vertical clearance is still less than 50’ for Intracoastal Waterway travel.

Structural Modifications

  • Structural Modification

    My work involves consulting and advising on such projects as fixing sagging decks, adding watertight bulkheads, reinforcing engine beds, etc. Mounts for hydraulic stabilizers or bow thrusters is another popular modification I have consulted on. As well, I have consulted on alterations to change trim, stability, and powering or sailing performance, structural modifications including a transom extension and adding a bulbous bow.

    • Construction Methods and Materials

      Materials and Construction Methods: Wood, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass construction. Modern wood-epoxy construction of all sizes is a specialty, but work in metal currently is a large part of my practice. New design with NC files for origami style construction is available. Construction plans to ABS, Lloyd's, and ISO classification and Transport Canada regulations.

Tad Roberts