26' Sail Training Brig

  • Vessel Specifications and Comments

    • Construction:
    • LOD: 26' 0"
    • LWL:
    • Beam:
    • Draft:
    • Displacement: lbs
    • Ballast: lbs
    • Sail Area: sq.ft.
    • General Comments: With 10' of beam I should think we'll manage 6-7 people on deck. The square sails are actually very small; the fore course is about 105 sq ft, foretop 77 sq ft, and fore royal 63 sq ft, so we'll need four on the braces (3 braces each), one on headsails, one on the helm, and someone telling them what to do...The hull is shaped more like a modern heavy displacement yacht than a bluff bowed antique so I have hopes for her ability under sail.
Tad Roberts